Who We Are

The Free Stater (www.thefreestater.co.za) is an independent online English news publication that prides itself on quality journalism with an editorial mission to passionately cover the Free State province and national issues that is well reported, elicits emotional and intellectual engagement and results in action.

Launched in March 2020, The Free Stater is committed to a wide range of critical quality-of-life issues including education, healthcare, jobs, governance, housing, human rights, crime and safety and technology.

We also write about sports and entertainment with the same sort of passion as we do everything else.

We believe in a Free State and a nation where we celebrate diversity, inclusion and a voice for people who need one.

At a time the world’s biggest news story in a lifetime is killing off print newspapers – the very industry that has existed for centuries to report it – the world has turned to digital platforms for news and information.

Yet that is not the main reason The Free Stater is emerging strongly as a leading source of quality journalism in the Free State province and beyond.

With news under threat, just when we need it most, our honest, authoritative and fact-based reporting has never mattered more.

Indeed, at a time the internet and social media platforms have given rise to the peddling of falsehoods and misinformation, we are committed to creating a brand synonymous with quality, authority and credibility.

To achieve that, we are committed to upholding our professionalism and editorial independence in the face of the disintegration of traditional media.